And that, it most likely lies in the newest relation of your human beings in order to the fresh cosmic opportunity you to controls him

And that, it most likely lies in the newest relation of your human beings in order to the fresh cosmic opportunity you to controls him

The answer lays somewhere in one section of the lives and therefore could have been very greatly obscured because of the arranged faith and put out your reach.

I want to interest their logical notice, ‘ wear Juan said. ‘Think if you will, and you can let me know how you would explain the paradox amongst the intelligence regarding guy this new professional and the stupidity off their expertise from values, or even the absurdity regarding their contradictory conclusion. Sorcerers believe that the predators have given united states the possibilities from viewpoints, the ideas of good and you may worst, the social mores. These are the ones who created our expectations and standards and you will dreams of victory or inability. They have provided united states covetousness, greed and cowardice. Simple fact is that predators whom create us complacent, routinary, and you will egomaniacal.

A horrendous maneuver from the attitude of them exactly who sustain it. They provided us the mind! Do you really listen to myself? The newest predators provide us with the brain, which will get the mind. […] From the attention, which, anyway, is the brain, the brand new predators inject for the life off people any sort of is actually much easier in their mind.[Castaneda, The Effective Edge of Infinity]

“Making sure that on the real condition off humanity there’s nothing you to definitely items to evolution proceeding. On the contrary once we examine humanity that have a man, we quite certainly come across an advancement of identity at prices out of substance, that’s, a development of the brand new phony, brand new unreal, and you may what is overseas, at the cost of the new sheer, the actual, and you may what is your individual.

“Latest societies need automatons. […] Things by yourself is certain, you to mans thraldom expands and you can grows. Child has become a prepared servant. The guy not any longer needs chains. He actually starts to develop keen on his bondage, getting proud of it. And this is probably the most awful procedure that occur to men. [Gurdjieff, op. cit]

To keep us acquiescent and you may meek and poor, this new predators interested themselves inside a beneficial stupendous control – stupendous, however, throughout the perspective from a fighting strategist

Intolerance and you may cruelty are necessary to make sure the “cover-up.” A specific style of “personal” serves with respect to which coverage-right up. As well as in this sense, psychopaths, as Alien Effect Machines will be to try out pieces on Magic Online game of one’s Gods.

The QFG is actually committed to getting towards blog attract people and you can every suggestions to help you to live a life free of the spirit-killling variations from others.

I usually seek to examine and you can/or refine whatever you learn is sometimes you can easily or probable otherwise each other

The Sincere Due to the Holder of webpages toward Psychopathic Identification Disorder to own kind permission so you can quote this lady research during the assembling that it report. Until i started to browse the, we had No idea just how common the issue try, and how many victims you will find. Visit their webpages, see the lady hyperlinks to support communities. For an even more full look at the problem, considering our personal browse, please discover our the article:

Proprietors and you can writers of these pages desire to believe that the material displayed here is the tool in our browse and you can experimentation in Superluminal Telecommunications. I ask your reader to generally share in our trying regarding Insights from the reading with an open, however, skeptical brain. We do not encourage “devotee-ism” nor “True Trust.” I Do enable the trying to of real information and you can Good sense throughout fields regarding function since most practical way to be able to detect lies off specifics. The one and only thing we can tell your reader so is this: we performs quite difficult, many hours twenty four hours, and have now done this for a long time, to discover the “summary” of our lifestyle on earth. It’s our very own vocation, our quest, our very own occupations. We do this regarding the respectful pledge that all mankind will benefit, if you don’t now, following at some stage in one of the possible futures.


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